Saturday, January 5, 2013

Possibly The Best Online Zombie Mmorpg

A great zombie MMORPG should have you afraid for your life at every turn, it should make you worry about finding food, assume that other players won't help you and all the other 'mundane' stuff that most games just gloss over. When I think about playing a zombie RPG I think about a game based on surviving against zombies and other players.

Fortunately this game exists, as DayZ a mod for Arma 2's Combined Operations add-on. It's not entirely free as you have to use it with the full game of Arma 2 and the Combined Operations ad-on but the mod files can be downloaded for free from

Things that make DayZ an awesome zombie MMORPG:

  • If you are injured badly you have to do something about it or bleed out.
  • Other players are really protective (and sometimes outright selfish) like we all would be in a real zombie outbreak. They will kill you on sight almost 100 percent of the time.
  • Other players will set up traps. And you will fall for them. 
  • Eventually you will realize that other people are far scarier than zombies.
  • You could make allies though and band together to find supplies and watch each others backs. Awesome.
  • Even if you are playing with friends you still spawn separately and have to find each other.
  • You will die, a lot. And learn from your mistakes.

Playing DayZ and actually staying alive requires you to actually think tactically in terms of equipment and movement. You will learn to treat everyone as an enemy. I think that's what makes the game so enjoyable as it's so realistic.

You will die a lot at first though. Other players will most likely have weapons and until you do you'll have to sneak around and avoid them.

Another thing that I find very interesting about DayZ is that it's such an individual experience each time, you really can't replicate anything. For this reason I find it really entertaining watching others play too. Especially FRANKIEonPCin1080p (I am not affiliated with him in anyway I just really like his youtube channel in general, it's really awesome  andyou should check it out if you like videogames)

For those of you that like the sound of the game but don't want to buy an entire game and an add-on just to play it then you'll be glad to here that DayZ is apparently going to be released as a standalone game of its own, possibly in 2013.

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