Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Darren Shan: The Vampire's Assistant (#2 In The Darren Shan Saga)

I picked The Vampire's Assistant to review for two reasons; firstly it's one of my favourite of all of the Darren Shan series, and secondly the majority of the upcoming Darren Shan movie is based on this book so I felt it made for a fitting review.
When I first started reading the Darren Shan series all those years ago I thoroughly enjoyed it, but the storyline from The Vampire's Assistant is one of the ones I remember the best, and after rereading it today I am still satisfied that it stays in my pile of favourites.
One of the main reasons I enjoyed this book so much is because of the sheer imagination Shan puts into creating his characters. Each of the member of the Cirque Du Freak have amazingly unique talents that ofter range on being inhuman. Evra is the main character in the Cirque that Darren befriends; he's a snake-boy with the ability to fluidly charm any snake. Darren also befriends a local boy named Sam, who decides his new dream is to join the Cirque.

As I said before this book is only the second in the series which means Darren has only been a vampire for a few months. Since he has departed from home in the previous book Darren refuses to drink human blood, fearing that it will mean the loss of his last strands of humanity. As each event unfurls is the book Darren is also finding himself weaker, and eventually on the brink of death due to his refusal of human blood. Each chapter builds suspense to the final shocking act.

This is a book for young adults but I think any adult with a speck of imagination will certainly enjoy this as much as I did.

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