Monday, July 20, 2009

I Think I'm Getting Paranoid

Last night I was at a party and decided, like the genius that I am, that it was a great decision to walk home at 3am. Luckily for me, some of my friends also thought this was an amazing decision. Most of us were quiet intoxicated at the time so it did not occur to anyone that we were leaving a house that was classified as being 'in the countryside' which means there were no street lamps to guide us for the first twenty minuets of our walk.

Everyone was talking about random things that drunks talk about when suddenly I realised; this is the perfect opportunity for a zombie ambush. It was so dark we could barely see anything beyond a few meters and the majority of us were too drunk to run very accurately.

I spent a few minutes thinking about this and decided to ease my paranoia by asking my friends what they thought. To my horror, and amazement, the majority of them agreed that we probably would not survive an attack at that particular moment. In fact one of my friends, like me, had previously begun preparing a mental list of survival tactics for use against zombies. For a while we all talked them through, then eventually I asked the burning question; 'What if we are faced with zombies that can run?'. No one answered me. It seems it's very easy to prepare for an attack of slow-walking dim-witted corpses, as it's usually just a matter of out walking them to safety, but if they can run, what options are left to us?

Maybe I'm just really paranoid, but I think it's time to start preparing for this scenario.

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