Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse; The Basics

The following Guide Is In Regards To Walking Zombies. Running Zombies Will Be Covered In A Separate Article

Step1: Find Somewhere!!

OK first thing most people think is 'I'll make my house zombie proof!'. Pretty stupid idea really. The more people there are around you the more zombies there will eventually be so unless you live on the top of a mountain, find somewhere else to use as a refuge. Also remember the farther north you go the colder it will be, and zombies will presumably freeze, but don't take that for granted because if you run out of food you will more than likely have to trek past the 'line' where zombies freeze, to renew supplies.
Seeing as your refuge is, hopefully, in a secluded area, electricity will be scarce anyway, if you can, buy a generator, because electricity will most likely be cut off at some point.
If you can, I would strongly advise creating a perimeter around the refuge, even if you can only manage a simple wall, as this will keep zombies from being directly at your refuge and posing more of a threat.
Having a simple wall around the perimeter means that you can easily pick off any zombies outside the area, just remember to do it as quietly as possible.
The other, more sophisticated option is placing a radar system around the perimeter, but unless you can provide your own electricity through a generator this would be difficult.

Step2: Start Getting Supplies Together.

Unless you're rich, use any spare money to buy cheap food and water purification supplies if you need them. I know that getting your hands on as much bottled water as possible seems genius at this moment, but later you will be really sorry of the extra weight. Having water purification supplies means that you can drink in a safe environment, without lighting a fire to sterilise the water, and also make everything in the nearby area aware of your presence.
No matter how much supplies you have already stored in your refuge, you should still bring more food because there is really no indication of how long you could be there, and food is vital. Get a large backpack to carry supplies and start practising with it, otherwise you'll tire out too quickly when you actually need to evade the zombies.
regardless of how close your refuge is get army-standard shoes and socks, and clothing too if possible, every journey is made longer when zombies are involved, considering you will most likely have to evade even any moderately populated areas if possible.
You will also need a multi-purpose Swiss army knife, a rope, a sleeping bag ( I would recommend getting an army standard one if possible because they are much smaller and lighter, yet still provide warmth), maps of the local area, region and country are advisable, a compass, a flash light (since batteries and other forms of energy will more than likely become scarce over time I would advise obtaining a 'wind-up' or manually charged light source) and materials for starting a fire. (note: lighting a fire is not advisable unless you want to be overrun by nearby zombies). Also start picking up as much general medication as you can to store it; when you're up in that mountain there's little chance someone you're with will have medical training, and dying from something as curable as a cold because of lack of medication is just embarrassing during the reign of the undead.

Step3: Get Your Guns!

Arming yourself is crucial. Forget close-range weapons, if you're close enough to stab it then you're likely already dead. The only knife you will probably need is for opening tins.
Buy a gun of your choice (and lots of ammo) and practice using it. (Note: You will need your weapon on you and not in your bag when travelling). Try to pick a gun that you can easily carry its weight and aim it, and remember ALWAYS AIM FOR THE HEAD otherwise you're at nothing.
Try to avoid choosing fancy weapons or ammo as they will most likely become unavailable after a certain amount of time; pick a fairly regular weapon so ammo is easier to obtain. Also, unless you are trained to handle a gun, and if you can take the extra weight, buy a second weapon in case your primary weapon jams, handguns would be a good option.
If you do end up up close and personal with a member, or possibly numerous members, of the undead having a both a blade and a blunt weapon for bludgeoning is a good idea, as the situation could dictate the use of either.

Step4: Travelling.

The mode of travel you choose depends on where you are coming from and going to. If you are driving remember that you will be mobbed by zombies from all sides, so you will need the closest thing you can get to an armoured vehicle. Also get a map and decide where you will stop for fuel n your way, that is, if you can not find some fuel to bring with you. Planning for fuel stops is crucial, otherwise you could find yourself walking, or stuck in a vehicle surrounded by zombies looking at starvation as the alternative to being eaten. To avoid this scenario take all precautions possible to decide an alternative fuel point for each primary fuel point so if you arrive there to find it overrun with undead you still have an option.

If you are travelling by foot:
- Never travel alone!!!
- Stay away from heavily populated areas as there will be more zombies.
- Try to make as little noise as possible so as not to draw zombies', or animals attention.
- No matter how cold it is don't light a fire!
- Keep someone on watch while you sleep.
-If you happen to be completely alone, and find yourself facing disgracefully dim-witted opponents with questionable motor skills, climbing a tree to sleep, or rest is perfect.

A motor bike or bicycle are the best means of transport as they are small and fast. Trouble is motor-bikes need fuel and are loud, and you can only cycle for so long so choose wisely.
If you are travelling by motorbike you will need to carefully map out your fuel route as mentioned before.
If you are cycling, you will need to plan your rest stops carefully, try to choose points away from heavily populated areas and with some kind of shelter available, if possible.

Step5: When You Are In Your Refuge.

- Don't leave unless completely necessary.
- Unless media access is available don't decide to return until you know it's safe! If in doubt wait it out!
- Use the smallest amount of your supplies as you possible can.
- Kill off (as quietly as possible) any zombies that wander into your very unpopulated refuge area.
- Don't just walk into your refuge knowing you'll be there for possibly years and not bring something to occupy yourself. Books are the best option, as they can be reused, other activities like arts and crafts can possibly run out of supplies. If you have a generator, a laptop, music, DVDs, tv, and games console would be amazing! Just don't depend on the internet to be working or channels to be broadcasting, as the rest of the world is most likely facing utter chaos.
When you're picking who you would like to stay in the refuge with you; choose wisely, and don't let anyone else tag along if an outbreak happens. Stick to what you've planned. Try to have as many differently trained individuals in your group as possible, plan ahead how much food you will need per person per day. And remember Stay Aware.

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