Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Think I'm Sitting On A Book

I watched 28 Weeks later again today (I think this is about my fourth time seeing it now). I really wanted to watch 28 Days Later, because it is, in all honesty, a better zombie movie, but for some unknown reason I actually don't own it, either that or it's vanished. Anyway, I watched the movie and I was thinking about all the things that I liked, and the parts I would change.

I liked:
-Zombies that can run because they scare the hell out of me.

-The Rage Virus because its a really unique idea for a virus.

-That the virus was contained to Britain, which was eventually isolated, because most books are written with the idea of a world wide pandemic and from a 'last man on earth' survivor's point of view.

-That the story was based on the fact that certain people had unique genetic codes that allows them to carry the disease without symptoms; most stories have a human who is completely immune.

I would Change:
-When the zombies invade the house at the beginning of the movie, John escapes by jumping through a window, and some zombies actually run past him in the background towards the house, before others start chasing him. This doesn't make any sense because the zombies would have smelled him, and they would have been instantly attracted to the movement.

-The length of time it took the zombies to die of starvation, because they are so animalistic that they would just begin to eat each other after a while.

-That the virus was limited to humans, although I wouldn't have every species contract it, just some of them e.g. dogs, bears etc.

-The fact that when everyone was running out of the main building, zombies just collapsed and died when a sniper shot them, even of it was in the leg. The whole point of zombies is that they will go on no matter what. It's actually weird that they did this considering that later on in the movie when the helicopter grated through the crowd of zombies it showed some of the body parts moving afterwards.

If I could just get all of my facts and opinions together I think I could be sitting on a book, although I would much prefer if it was a graphic novel. Watch This space. It Might Happen.

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