Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Zombie Contingency Plan

So I've been reading through a number of blogs and websites offering various zombie contingency plans.
Shamefully (because I am so obsessed with zombies) I do not have a definite contingency plan of my own. This is due to the simple fact that each time I plan one I find serious flaws that will ultimately lead to my death, and, being a perfectionist, I have to decide on an almost flawless plan.
My current plan is simple, but hopefully effective.

I live in a very small city in Ireland called Kilkenny. Kilkenny was build during Norman times and subsequently still has many Norman buildings standing today. one such building is Canice's tower. The tower is made of stone and stands at 108 ft. it was originally used by monks during times of invasion; they would run up the tower and take the ladder with them. They usually stored food and valuables in the tower also.

In my opinion the first place the majority of people in my town are going to run to is the Garda (those are Irish cops) Station or the single gun shop. I already have weapons available to me in my home so I'm taking the possibility of securing more weapons out of the equation.

Making my way to the tower will pose a problem because it is basically on the edge of the town, which means the area will not exactly be devoid of humans (and possible zombies). I cannot take a vehicle because the roads leading to it will probably be jammed with cars. I am hoping on leaving so early on in the panic (or before panic breaks out if possible) that I can reach the tower without too much hassle.

The entrance to the tower has been refurbished since the monks used it. The entrance is high off of the ground with a metal staircase leading up to it. Taking out the staircase (with a lot of force) should make the tower relatively safe. For added safety the first staircase inside of the tower is wooden and can easily be disposed off.

1. Too close to town - will draw zombies once everyone is dead/zombies/gone.
2. Wooden staircase and floors are huge fire hazard.
3. Storing food prior to event is impossible as the tower is open to the public; also there is no where to hide food.
4. Travelling there during zombie outbreak could mean death.
5. Not getting there early enough could mean i arrive there only to find the staircase ripped out and entrance boarded up by someone faster than me.

1. Zombies can be easily dispatched from the top of the tower using various long-range weapons.
2. Even if zombies get into the first floor ripping out the staircase will make it impossible for them to go any further.
3. The tower provides a huge amount of storage space for food.

As you can see there is considerable more disadvantages as I would like. This strategy is not my final solution, more a work in progress. I will post any of my better contingency plans soon.

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