Thursday, September 3, 2009

De-Animator Zombie Flash Game

De-animator is a very basic flash game, but it is also really addictive. The figures in the game are depicted as silhouettes. You play an elderly looking old guy (or it could be a weird looking old lady). Your only weapon is a gun. Click on the zombies to shoot them until you have to reload. Reloading leaves you open to zombies so make sure to de-animate the zombies closest to you first.

The games's main downfall is the fact that a shot to the head will not kill most of the zombies, which dissapointed me a little. Regardless, as a basic zombie game it's good. Think of it as a good exercise to keep your hand-eye coordination at an acceptable level while waiting for a real zombie attack.

Hand-eye coordination is important when shooting in real life too.

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