Saturday, August 22, 2009

Preparing Your Home For A Zombie Attack

The Following Guide Has Been Written With The Average Citizen In Mind

If you are currently living in a small town or city it is important not to panic when you hear the breaking news of a zombie outbreak. Do Not Try To Flee. Everyone else is thinking the same thing. Think about all the zombie movies with scenes depicting motorways full of discarded vehicles. You will get stuck in this. The alternative is to stay in your home and defend it until you are ready to locate to a safer position.

If you live a one storey house, the first thing you need to do is barricade all doors and windows. Do this in whatever way you feel is necessary. Keep in mind that furniture and boarding will only deter fast-moving zombies for a couple of hours at most.
If you have the option of retreating to a basement, I would strongly advise against it unless you have a water supply available down there. Being at the bottom of a hole when the zombies find a way in is not a nice place to be. If there is no other alternative choose the basement.

If you are currently living in a a two storey house or higher, you will also need to barricade all windows and doors. In the case of a slow moving zombie outbreak retreating to a higher level is the perfect option. In the case of fast moving zombies it may not be such a great idea as you may find yourself defending the second floor with no escape to the ground. In this instance i would advise gathering your supplies to the ground floor and barricading the stairs so a zombie won't find it's way in through an upstairs window and sneak up on you.

If you live in an apartment you are at both an advantage and a disadvantage; the buildings height gives you time to prepare yourself and defend the entrances; while large glass windows can be an easy entry point.
If you find yourself faced with slow zombies, then you just need to wait for the right moment and scale down the building, or, alternatively, fight your way downstairs floor by floor.
those unfortunates who find themselves faced with giant glass windows, no matter how high up, should not presume 'I am too high up for a zombie to get in the window'. Prepare for the worst. Vacate your position. If you can, try find an appropriate room on the ground floor (most people will be gone soon anyway).

Make A Checklist

Always be prepared. As soon as you begin barricading your home turn on all the taps and fill any bats and sinks. The water pressure might not work in the future and you do not want to die from thirst. If you have someone else with you, have them fill buckets and bottles and other containers with water too.

You should have been stockpiling already. If you didn't you could be in a lot of trouble. My advice would be to ration whatever food you have and try to make it last as long as possible. Once people have vacated the area (and hopefully drawn a lot of zombies with them), arm yourself and loot homes nearby. If you are living in an apartment this should be relatively easy.

The majority of people have at least one gun in their home. Arming yourself is literally what could save you.

This Article discusses items you can find aroundthe home to defend yourself with.

If you are planning on staying in your home for a considerable period of time, entertainment can be the only thing that stands between you and insanity. Reading a book is a very good idea because it leaves you able to hear any sounds of intrusion. Watching a movie, playing video games and listening to music could get you killed if they are so loud you can't hear a zombie breach your defenses. NEVER listen to music through headphones; they block outside noise.
Board Games are also a good alternative.

Once you have all of the above done, it is important to set guard duty and have someone patrolling the boarder. You can also have someone stationed at strategic positions so they can view and defend entrances.

Have a backpack of all necessary equipment packed and ready to go.

Attempt to stay fit, especially if you are eventually planning on leaving for a safer location.

Try to do everything as quietly as possible. Drawing attention means drawing lots of zombies. If they're fast moving this could mean death.


Anonymous said...

This is from the Zombie Survival Guide!

ZombieBait said...

I am aware that some of this is from the zombie survival guide, I already mentioned this in a previous post. Aside from a few ZSG references the work and ideas are actually my own.