Saturday, August 8, 2009

Call Of Duty: World At War Nazi Zombie Map Pack 3

Oh my god this new map pack is amazing, both visually and from an interactive point of view. As with the previous map pack, you encounter a flaming (yes literally on fire) zombie dog round, every so often. A new knife has also been introduced, now available to buy from a wall near you. The knife is now one-'shot'-one-kill per zombie, which makes the dog rounds much more manageable.
The zombies themselves look different from the previous two map pack. They're still in Nazi very detailed uniforms, but their facial appearance is different; it almost seems as if they are more decayed. This pack also includes a lot more swastika symbolism to remind you who your facing.
Another new feature available this time, is the ability to update your weapons, this is pretty handy when the zombie levels get higher and you don't want to abandon a particular weapon.
All in all it's amazing. The Cod: WaW game and downloadable map packs are vital to any zombie fanatic's inventory.

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