Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dead Frontier Free Online Zombie MMORPG

The current version of the free MMORPG entitled 'Dead Frontier' is, at present, a beta version. But it's still pretty awesome!
The game really sticks to the survival storyline and your character's abilities are greatly affected by how healthily and nourished you are. You are also given the option of picking which skills you were previously educated in before the apparent zombie attack. These skills can give you a fighting edge, literally, or line your pockets that little bit more, depending on which you choose. Both money and skills are important in the game, although being able to defend yourself is a huge bonus the first time you decide to wander into the city by yourself. You will find yourself walking walking through the streets (very awkwardly if you're using a laptop) covered with a circle of light. You can search any bodies or vehicles on the road side for weapons, medical supplies etc. Like the famous Resident Evil series you are cursed with having a limited amount of inventory spaces (much like in real life) fortunately you can leave supplies in storage at the outpost each time you return. The outpost also provides you with a marketplace to buy and sell items.

Like all MMORPGs, you are faced with a leveling system; each zombie kill gets you experience points, and when you gather enough you go up a level. This also means your strength, health and any relevant skills, such as cooking, medical skills etc go up a level, making them more advanced, and a lot more useful.

The game is also set to have the outpost face a large zombie attack once every twenty four hours, meaning the humans have to defend said outpost. I think this makes the survivalism all the more realistic.

In terms of graphics the game is not visually amazing; it used the same view that was featured in the original Playstation One 'Grand Theft Auto' games (which means your looking at your character from above). But I think this is quiet acceptable considering the other options the game provides, along with the fact that it is free. The game also uses the regular mouse and keypad synchronization, which made it very difficult to play on a laptop. Also each time you die you will have to endure a painfully long respawn time, which is higher depending on your level. Various missions are also available if you choose to take them.

In terms of a zombie game I would give this 9/10 (the zombies weren't close enough for my liking), but in terms of an MMORPG it only gets 6/10 because of the very inconvenient respawn time and the outdated graphics.

You can experience Dead Frontier now by clicking on this link.

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