Friday, August 14, 2009

Outpost: Movie Review

Outpost was released directly to DVD in 2008, and received mixed reviews from both horror and zombie-film fans.
A mysterious businessman going by the name of Hunt assembles a team of ex-soldiers to act as mercenaries and protect him on a seemingly very safe journey into Eastern Europe to check The movie starts out innocently enough, almost leading you to believe it's and action flick and not a horror. But then they find the bodies, with a survivor hidden among them. The mercenaries eventually realise that the bunker had been used to conduct various experiments by the SS on soldiers, in an attempt to create an army of invincible soldiers. When Hunt is confronted he admits to knowing this already, and that he is in fact here to research the technology they used for the experiments.
During the night a number of the mercenary group are killed off by uniformed Nazi soldiers, and their bodies are left behind for the others to find.
After these deaths, Hunt is confronted again and explains that the Nazis were trying to make soldiers invincible though reanimation and reality-changing experiments.
Fater a few more weird incidents and Nazi sightings, the group decide its time to leave, only to find their way barred by the undead Nazi army, who are also invincable thanks to the various experiments. The group is killed, and the movie ends by showing the arrival of another group arriving and finding the live survivor hidden in the bodies once again.
The special effects were impressive, the story line was detailed and well-thought out, but as a horror movie it just didn't scare me. I was left really intruiged by the idea of the Nazi experiments, but not frightened.
As a zombie film? I don't know if the soldiers realy counted as undead, seeing as how they were invicible. They weren't decaying, and they had full control over themselves, even though they seemed, to me, unaware that they were 'dead'. I like my zombies to be in large enough hordes and not easily able to chase you down after being pumped full of led. In terms of plot and storyline it gets 7/10, but as a zombie film it only gets 5/10.

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