Monday, August 10, 2009

How Voodoo Zombies Are Made

A 'bokur' is a sorcerer in the Voodoo religion, who is believed to be blessed with the power to perform black magic. Powders used by the sorcerers give them power over their victims, with one of these being the power to create zombies.
In Haiti, the punishment of zombification is only reserved for those who commit really serious crimes.
'Coupre Powdre' is the name giving to the powder that the bokur used to initiate zombification, which applied all over the face any body of the victim to be absorbed into their system. The main active ingredient of the powder is tetradotoxin (TTX), a chemical produced by certain types of puffer fish. TTX is an extremely powerful neurotoxin which stops the nerve and heart cells from sending electrical impulses to the brain. In small doses this causes paralysis a near-death state, and makes breath and pulse undetectable, although the victims brain is still functioning.
Usually after this state has been reached, the zombie is then buried alive.
After a few days the zombie is dug up and given a powder made from atropine and scopolamine. which cause the victim to hallucinate and fall into a permanent state of delirium. The victim is usually very disorientated, and can be easily influenced to do menial jobs in order to repay the debt which their crime caused.

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