Sunday, August 2, 2009

Late Blog Is Metallica's Fault

I meant to write this much earlier today but I slept in really late because I was at the Metallica gig in Marlay park, Dublin, last night. It's not my favourite venue, but the concert was still amazing (well Metallica are an amazing live band).
Anyway I was standing there with my friends, after enduring an almost hour-long performacne from Avenged Seven Fold, and we were waiting for Metallica to arrive on stage.
I was looking around at the crowd around me that consisted of an estimated 30,000 people. This is when I realised how screwed I would have been if a zombie outbreak had happened right there. I was almost halfway between the exit and the stage, the majority of people were drunk (it's Ireland) and I knew there was no way I could escape quickly if everyone began to panic. Fortunately, a zombie outbreak never ensued and I was saved the worry. But the moral of the story is; I let my guard down. I should have taken everything into consideration before hand.
So the next time you're going to a concert, or another event that requires a large gathering of people, don't make the mistake I did and let your guard down.

I was thinking about getting a zombie bite as my next tattoo, just for the irony it would incur if a breakout did happen.

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