Monday, November 2, 2009

Book Review: New Moon - Stephanie Meyer

A couple of months ago my teenage cousin forced the first of the Twilight series book onto me. I had previously had no interest in the Twilight series - books or movies; it all seemed a little too young for me.
This week after constantly being bombarded by news, banners and other advertisements for New Moon I decided to read the book to see if the hype was actually earned.

The twilight series, for me, is much more of an emotional love story than a vampire novel, and New Moon isn't any different. This time round the story doesn't focus on Edward; who leaves in an attempt to make Bella's life easier and restore some normality to it. Bella's main love interest (though she won't admit it) is Jacob, the soon to become werewolf in the story.

As an emotional writer Meyer is great; she can easily tap into and mould the emotions of her readers - which is possibly one of the most difficult parts of a writer's job, but I also feel her writing lacks that 'something' (but this might just be me over-reading my action-packed Anne Rice novels again). I think that Meyer's ability to allow her reader to identify with Bella is the reason the books are so popular - Bella's love for Edward is exactly how every woman wants to feel, and how every teenage girl feels about their first love.

Regardless of how well the emotional side of the book is written, it's still missing the action that I like to experience in a good book. Ok, Meyer did build up the suspense when Bella and Alice travelled to Italy to save Edward, but the suspense flatly imploded when Edward was easily released by Aro, without even a crooked glance. (NOTE: from looking at the trailer it seems as though there might be a fight in the actual movie - yes!).
Basically what I'm trying to say is - The book is good because Meyer is not a bad writer, but it lacks a good amount of action. From a vampire/horror fan's perspective - it's not in my 'must-have' pile.

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