Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Special Operations Mission

With the release date (November 10th) for Modern Warfare 2 slowly drawing nearer, everyone wants to know about the new Special Operations Mission mode and what it has to offer.

Spec ops is essentially an arcade mode, with very little emphasis being placed on cut-scenes or storyline. The game's designers claim that the bonus level from Call Of Duty 4; Mile High Club was their main inspiration, then when they couldn't fit everything they wanted into the campaign on Modern Warfare 2 they ended up making Spec Ops into a full-blown mode of its own. Battle through hoards of enemies (think about the hoard mode in Gears of War 2) while avoiding to kill too many civilians. Collect stars and unlock new levels in solo and co-op mode. The game series that we thought had everything has just gotten even better.

Modern Warfare 2 is easily the biggest title to hit the gaming shelves this year, and with the addition of a new mode the suspense has only increased.

Read The Full Special Operations Mission Details Here

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