Thursday, November 5, 2009

Review: Free Zombie Music Graphic Novel - Zombies Can't Dance

For the first time you can experience a graphic novel through the medium of music! And its free and fully downloadable too!

And this isn't just any story either - its a zombie apocalypse. Unlike the usual zombie apocalypse idea Zombies Can't Dance introduced zombie-killing robots and more. Each chapter is sung in a different musical style, and the lyrics tell the story of the apocalypse, in an almost humorous way that is sure to make you smile. Each song is accompanied by an illustration that aids the lyrics telling the story.

My favourite song/chapter is No. 4 'Aim For The Head'. The song has a country feel to it, which really reminds me of the demo level for Left 4 Dead 2 (the level is based down South y'all). The story that the lyrics tell about survivors climbing a tree will make you grin (and remind you the importance of zombie preparedness).

For those of you who like the zombie apocalypse genre (yes I consider it to be its own genre) this is something you just have to experience. It's unique, it's fun and quiet frankly I'm kinda pissed I didn't think of it first.

In case you didn;t see the prvious links you can click HERE to visit and download a copy of the album.

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