Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anita Blake Reading Challenge

I know that I've mentioned Anita Blake here before - it's a series that I've been reading for a long time. So much so that I am now reading it for a second time despite the fact that it's a twenty book series.

But I also decided that I didn't want to spend my precious reading time slowly crawling through the series again because I have a pretty big (mental) reading list and I really want to start it. That's why I set myself the challenge to read the series in less than a year, although I'm pretty sure it'll take me a lot less time than that.

I set myself this challenge in mid September and I'm now on book 6 The Killing Dance. I'm pretty happy with six books in three months or so considering I'm also in college full time.

Anyway the whole point of this post is the reading challenge part - I'm not the only one doing it (I'm pretty sure I saw someone write about using the Anita Blake series for a reading challenge before) so if you like vampires, werewolves mystery solving and lots of sex (Anita seems to find her way into the bed of almost every male characte rafter the first ten books and, no, that's not why I'm reading it) then you should considering undertaking the challenge too, and hey, maybe even tell me about it.

If you want to join my reading challenge and read the Anita Blake Series for the first time (or continue on from where you left off) you should probably check out this list of Anita Blake books in reading order.

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