Monday, January 7, 2013

Top 5 Zombie Games That Are Ridiculously Fun

Dead Rising too is more about having fun than it is about zombies. I'll be honest here when I think of Dead Rising 2 I think about the most hilarious ways I've seen zombies being killed. I have often used an entire bench as a weapon - because I can.

If you want to go around a mall packed with zombies and beat the hell out of them the buy it right now.

Dead Frontier is a free MMORPG (like World of Warcraft but with zombies) and it's fun in the exact same way that WoW is fun -  you grind skills and feel a huge sense of achievement when you go up a level. There's also a nice social aspect tot he game where the survivors have to band together to fend off a hoard of zombies that attack their settlement once everyday. 

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I found myself getting bored with the recent Call of Duty's zombie mode (and I hated that damn lava everywhere) but then I started playing grief mode, which is when two teams of four play against each other while fighting the zombies. I have played it with friends and strangers and I'm really enjoying i so far. It can have more of a rush sometimes because both teams have to us the random box and standing in a queue for that thing in a tiny room with zombies coming from everywhere can get difficult.

I know it's not a standalone game (it's a game mode in Call of Duty World at War) but playing Nazi Zombies back when World at War was the most recent Call of Duty was some of the best bonding moments I've ever had with my friends. We also argued a lot over who wasn't pulling their weight (we're those kind of gamers) it tested friendships and strengthened others and it's damn well one of the most fun zombie games out there.

DayZ is also not a standalone game (yet) it's a mod for Arma II but it is one of the most realistic zombie survival games I have ever played. It teaches you fear in a way you wouldn't expect - you will quickly come to learn that zombies are nothing compared to other players. Playing DayZ with friends

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