Monday, January 14, 2013

Reading Challenge Update

So I'm now on book 7 (Burnt Offerings) in the Anita Blake Series. Doing a reading challenge like this really makes you feel accomplished. I'm seriously considering another reading challenge using The Dresden Files. I think the only reason I'm getting through the Anita Blake Series so quickly is because I've read it before so reading The Dresden Files in under a year might be trickier even though it's only 14 books.

Honestly though I like Laurell K Hamilton's character's so much that I might even start on the Meredith Gentry series as soon as I'm finished. I haven't read any reviews about the series (on purpose) because I have a bad feeling that the fans who turned on the Anita Blake series (and with good reason too) didn't have anything positive to say about the Meredith Series either.

I really need to read Lolita too, it's been on my reading list (and in my kindle) for too long now.

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